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If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s our desire to stay healthy and to keep our loved ones safe. Since this has become increasingly more difficult this year as a result of COVID-19, we know that most people are looking for some peace of mind. That’s why our gift guide this year is all about clean, green, and responsible products that will help even the most vulnerable people in our lives stay healthy. When it comes to choosing a gift in 2020, what could possibly be more thoughtful and loving than giving the gift of clean? 

Clean Republic

The #1 gift that everyone needs this year. Made with only salt, water, and electricity, these products safely and effectively clean any space, without fear of harmful chemicals. The organic, medical grade Disinfectant+Sanitizer kills 99.99% of drug-resistant bacteria and viruses, and is EPA registered for use against SARS-CoV-2 (causes COVID-19). The All-Purpose Cleaner products are a slightly diluted version of the Disinfectant+Sanitizer and come in various sizes, including a 3.4 oz travel spray bottle! Last, but certainly not least, the non-toxic hand cleanser washes away germs while it hydrates and heals the skin. If you want to show your loved ones how much you care, you simply cannot go wrong with Clean Republic this holiday season! 

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Cause+Medic's skincare products only contain the highest quality, natural ingredients, including 400 mg of water soluble CBD. Not only does CBD soothe the skin, it also reduces inflammation and calms the nervous system. Help your loved ones boost their immune system by reducing stress with a daily dose of CBD, wrapped up in a package of luxurious skincare. 

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Infuse Mop 

The Infuse mop pairs beautiful design with sustainability. With a washable mop pad and refillable product chamber, this is the perfect product to up your cleaning game. Consider filling your mop with Clean Republic for the ultimate, efficient, germ fighting duo. 

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As we now know, COVID can lodge itself in the fibers of soft materials like clothes, blankets, rugs, etc. Washing your clothes more frequently means buying more laundry detergent, which can be heavy and inconvenient (especially for your loved ones who are older). Dropps is not only convenient, it's also the exclusive home cleaning partner of Oceana, the world's largest ocean conservancy organization. Using compostable packaging, it is designed to be a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping. Plant powered.

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The Nature of Things 

While essential oils cannot truly disinfect a home, and are not approved for use against COVID-19, they are still a wonderful gift to help your loved ones maintain a peaceful space at home. Stress directly impacts the immune system, so help your loved ones stay healthy by giving a beautiful, soothing accessory for the home. These products celebrate natural oils of the highest quality and ensure every process has a record of sustainable practices. All of the oils are imported from different parts of the world, directly from producers and bottled in Dublin. They hand select producers who have a genuine passion for distilling top quality oils and a proven record of sustainable practices. Their producers work hand in hand with their communities to protect the environment and support their local economies. 

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Plant Aid 

We all know that plants can freshen up your living space, increase happiness, and decrease stress. Give your plant lovers in your life the gift of an all-natural product that will clean your plants and boost their immune system. Using only salt, water, and electricity (which makes hypochlorous when combined), this non-toxic plant cleaner is safe to use indoors or outdoors. 

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The Sill

Plants make us happier, healthier, more efficient and boost our creativity. They even clean the air we breathe. The Sill provides beautifully potted plants with instructions for care that even the most plant-challenged person can follow. Choose between a one time purchase or a subscription option. 

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Colorado Cures 

Colorado Cures tinctures are made of the highest quality ingredients. The CBD is extracted through a CO2 process, which is both clean and efficient at isolating the maximum amount of CBD per batch. From there it is combined with MCT coconut oil and natural flavorings. CBD is known to reduce stress and promote healing, so these tasty tinctures are perfect for anyone who needs help relaxing this holiday season. Let's face it, after this year, who doesn't need help with that? 

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Most home cooks know that Teflon-coated non stick cookware can add dangerous chemicals to your foods as you cook. But even newer, ceramic coated cookware—which is often advertised as “green”—contains synthetic bonding materials and chemicals like PFOA which have been shown to cause cancer and other serious health problems. Remove the coating, and most metal cookware poses similar risks. Made from 100% pure ceramic, Xtrema is all-natural, non-toxic, inorganic and nonreactive. It will never leach chemicals, metal, cadmium, lead, or change the taste of your food. 

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Pact Sleepwear 

For the perfect, affordable and sustainable loungewear set for the whole family, consider Pact's 100 percent organic cotton pajama sets. We adore Pact’s matching sets for adults and children, and their super-soft robes. All Pact apparel is made with GOTS Certified organic cotton in a Fair Trade factory.

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Brentwood Home Meditation Pillow

Made with a beautiful combination of natural and non-toxic materials, this pillow provides essential support to nirvana-seekers of all meditation levels, styles, and mantras. 100% vegan, all natural buckwheat hulls fill the Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion and Yoga Pillow, creating a firm base that still adjusts to your body.

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Ritual + Fancy

These hand-poured candles are made in small batches with 100% soy wax, natural cotton / wood wicks, dried flowers, and pure essential oils. All candles feature one-of-a-kind floral designs, burn clean and emit healing aromatherapy fragrances free of phthalates, lead, dyes, parabens and other nasty additives.

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Rad Roller

Ease muscle pain, reduce soreness, increase range of motion, increase flexibility, relieve back pain, relax, and improve blood flow with Rad Roller's innovative tools. This can be an incredible tool for reducing stress and improving your over all body function. 


We hope this gift guide helps you choose thoughtful, responsible gifts for your loved ones that will help them stay healthy and safe this holiday season!