ready to use bottle of clean republic cleaner with a towel and plant leaves

Clean Republic's Disinfectant + Sanitizer has been awarded Best Disinfectant by Better Homes & Gardens Magazine! We could not be more honored to have been chosen and featured in the very first 2021 Clean House Awards! BH&G editors studied nearly 200 new products then tested the 100 they hoped would revolutionize home cleaning. Multiple editors used each product, comparing the contenders to each other as well as to their previous cleaning routines. They also focused on common pain points, like homes with multiple flooring surfaces, shedding pets, and dirty dishes. They selected the must-have products that were as easy to use as they were powerful. Clean Republic got bonus points for being safe and friendly to the planet. Get the full scoop and view the Clean House Awards winners HERE and shop our award-winning disinfectant HERE. 

clean republic hand held cleaner with colored background