Not All Disinfecting Equipment Is Created Equal

In response to the pandemic back in 2020 there was an onslaught of so-called “electrostatic” disinfection technology coming out of the woodwork and into the marketplace. Manufacturers knew the public was scared. People were disinfecting at enormous rates, and they wanted to get their hands on anything that promised to aid in killing the Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately, many of the devices did not live up to the electrostatic promise of wrap-around surface coverage and were not backed up by good scientific data. They simply did not perform as electrostatic sprayers should and were not compatible with disinfectant chemistry.

True performance of electrostatic spray technology is paramount in order to get the job done. Brands need to live up to the electrostatic promise – the ability to wrap disinfectant around hard-to-reach objects and surfaces, 360 degrees with less mess, less residue, and less waste, even if the object is only sprayed from one side. ByoPlanet® puts the user above all else by engineering electrostatic sprayers that have been tested using the University of Georgia spray deposition protocols to ensure the technology produces the right amount of spray charge and the correct droplet size for the best performance.  It has been proven that ByoPlanet’s® wrap-around surface coverage of disinfectant onto hidden areas was improved by over six-fold with only half the amount of disinfectant dispensed. And ByoPlanet’s® electrostatic charge was that of 30x higher compared to other so-called electrostatic sprayers.

Transparency is key in creating trust with consumers. ByoPlanet® is leading the way.