large gallon of clean republic cleaner parts per million

If you’ve been reading our website, you’ve probably heard us refer to “PPMs” or “Parts Per Million.” This blog is all about what that is, why it matters, and how to dilute our products to the appropriate PPM for your needs. 

What is Parts Per Million?

We refer to PPMs in our products instead of percentages because it more accurately explains the amount of HOCl in a product. PPM measurement is the mass of a chemical per unit volume of water. For example, our gallon of All-Purpose Cleaner contains 100 ppm of HOCl, that means there are 100 milligrams per liter of solution (100ppm = 100mg/liter), and there are 28,350 milligrams in 1 ounce. This is such a microscopic amount of HOCl in the solution, and that’s why we choose to discuss the PPM instead - it more accurately relates to the cleaning power of the product.

lay out of hand held clean republic cleaner

Here are all of our products, followed by the PPMs they contain, when they are delivered to you: 


Clean Republic's Parts Per Million

Gallon of Disinfectant + Sanitizer: 500 PPMs 

Gallon of All-Purpose Cleaner: 100 PPMs 

16 oz of All-Purpose Cleaner: 100 PPMs 

3.4 oz of All-Purpose, Everyday Cleaner: 100 PPMs

0.6 oz of Hand Cleanser: 100 PPMs 

When it comes to our products specifically, here is a helpful infographic to explain the number of PPMs needed for various applications.

infographic instruction of parts per million on a blue background

If you are interested in understanding how to dilute your products, and how the math works out, here are some helpful videos to explain it: 


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