The Making of A(Clean) Republic: Crossing the Threshold from Startup to Enterprise

Clean Republic offers cleaning, sanitizing and disinfectant solutions you’ll be seeing more of in retail stores and businesses. Established in late 2019, Clean Republic is already fast-tracking its presence in commercial and retail spaces, quickly becoming a household name. 

In order to meet the rising demand and spread the green revolution, Clean Republic has invested in new bottling and fulfillment centers as well as the build out of its sales and customer service teams across the nation. According to Director of Brand Development, Robin Vega, “Increased production capacity is only one component to meeting demand. It takes a passionate team to service our customers who are in serious need of cleaning products that haven’t been shown to negatively impact public health in the long-run. Here at Clean Republic, we believe that you shouldn’t solve one problem [COVID-19], while causing others [COPD, asthma, and other health issues linked to quaternary ammonium].” 

As Clean Republic has increased production and servicing capacity, it has also been able to drive its prices downwards significantly. This has created buzz with nationwide luxury hotel chains, some of the largest universities in the nation, as well as professional sports teams looking to kick-off in September! In the retail space, consumers can already find Clean Republic products on store shelves of large grocers such as HEB in Texas, as well as smaller retailers.

Despite the tremendous growth, Vega adds that “the business won’t change the brand’s values of social good and corporate responsibility. With strong mandates and initiatives focused on supporting public health and participating in philanthropic causes, Clean Republic will continue to donate hundreds of gallons of its solutions weekly to critically essential organizations and workers, as well as public schools in rural and at-risk communities.


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