Made in America

We proudly manufacture our products in the USA.

Products that Live
Up to Their Promise

Simply put, our products do what we say they do. Our proprietary Hypochlorous Acid formulation fights to keep you clean. With nothing but salt, water, electricity — and a decade of research.


For too long, marketing messages have built off of fear, presenting their problem as the cure. It’s good to be skeptical; we get it, we’ve been there. So we built our company around telling the truth and being transparent about our ingredients, our business practices, and the benefits of our products.

Draw from nature
and be good to her

We often think that humanity's creations are more powerful than billions of years of evolution. As a result, we've used dangerous chemicals to clean our homes for decades — to the detriment of our own health and of our shared home. HOCl is the same compound that is created when lightning strikes the ocean, and that is created by our white blood cells to fight infection. Our labs simply figured out how to make it stable, without any additives, stabilizers, or carcinogens.

Give back

In addition to giving 100 gallons of Disinfectant + Sanitizer to hospitals in our headquarters city of Denver, Colorado, we also donate 1% of all of our profits to the Global Press Institute.

Global Press works to create a more just and informed world by training and employing local female journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world's least-covered places.

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