All-Purpose Everyday Cleaner - 300ppm (1 gal) Makes 10 Gallons!

Our 1 Gallon concentrate of All-Purpose Cleaner is designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Each gallon is sold non-diluted; mix one part active solution with 10 parts of water for everyday use.

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solution for a healthier home.


Can I mix two parts of this product to make 600 PPMs, so it’s the same at the D+S?
Please see our recent blog post on PPMs and dilution ratios, linked HERE for your convenience.
Why can’t this kill coronavirus?
Please note our All-Purpose Cleaner is not registered with the EPA and thus does not make any specific kill claims. Learn more about our EPA stamp here.
Is it 300ppm before or after dilution?
Our All-Purpose Cleaner is 300ppm before dilution. If you were to make the suggested 10 gallons, it would be 30ppm.
Only salt, water, and electricity

Learn more about Hypochlorous Acid, compound found naturally in the human body, now produced and patented by Clean Republic.

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