Our Story

 "Welcome to the Clean Republic. We are an ambitious team of entrepreneurs passionate about providing eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products for business and home use. Clean Republic was developed using a patented process with ingredients that only Mother Nature Provides."

-Jake Piccoli, COO


Corporate Responsibility



Clean Republic is committed to creating a safer and more sustainable planet for all. Our mission is to continually raise awareness and develop new products and practices that make our environment better.

 As part of this mission we are committed to donating 1% of all profits to the following non-profit:

Global Press Institute


The Clean Republic



When we first started producing and testing hypochlorous acid, we honestly couldn't believe what we had stumbled upon. We have been using dangerous chemicals like bleach to clean our homes for decades and the solution to this problem was sitting right in front of us. Why not use something that our white blood cells produce or that nature creates naturally when lightning strikes the ocean? It seems that we as humans tend to think that our creations are more powerful than billions of years of evolution. We have seen first-hand the dangers of common household chemicals and truly believe that we have a product that can impact the world. Join us on this journey to change the paradigm of how we clean. Let's unite the world to create a Clean Republic.




Mission Statement

Our mission is to support human health by developing non-toxic, sustainable and natural cleaning solutions. By providing an alternative to the current methods used today, we are creating a healthier future together.