A Healthier Clean For All

We deliver performance-grade cleaning and disinfecting solutions powered by nature without the dangerous chemicals and toxic fumes of traditional cleaners.

Clean Republic Pledge

  • To produce effective, innovative, and sustainable products that are good for human health while preserving the environment.
  • To deliver full transparency of ingredients and processes.
  • To partner with like-minded businesses and organizations who share our mission to help eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and create change.
  • To continue to refine our products based on the most cutting-edge chemistry.

Product Testing

We conduct rigorous testing of our products to make sure they perform how they were intended. We employ third-party labs to test the efficacy of our solution and its impact on air quality and surfaces as well as other more specific testing. Our products don’t leave our facility until each product lives up to its promise of ‘a healthier clean for all.’

Socially Responsible

Our mission is to promote good human health & environmental perseverance. We work hard to advance socially responsible ingredients and business practices, and continue to assist organizations in healthcare and environmental advocacy who support healthier communities and a cleaner environment for all.