mother and child playing on a white couch

For more than 50 years, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. Due to coronavirus, Small Business Week 2020 has been postponed - but that's not going to stop us. Now, more than ever, small businesses need our support! That's why we have created this guide to help you find a mother's day gift that she'll love, AND will support a small business. 


1) Clean Republic - Mom's purse-sized superhero. 

hand holding a small spray bottle of disinfectant

Clean Republic's All-Purpose Cleaner also comes in miniature, but it packs a big punch! This is perfect for going to the grocery store, taking the dog for a walk, or any other activity that requires mom to leave the house. We also have a Hand Cleanser, the size of a credit card, for mom to keep her hands clean while she's out. 


2) Rock Paper Scissors - Give mom a warm hug without breaking the 6 ft rule!

stationary kits with an amber candle jar layout

This is perfect for the mama that doesn't slow down, but needs to! The sweet team at Rock Paper Scissors has created these thoughtful quarantine care kits to soothe the soul. Each one contains a different assortment of hand selected, high-quality goodies. Hint: They're also making adorable cloth masks! 


3) Cause+Medic - An at-home spa day for mom! 

pump bottle of hygine essentials

Cause+Medic's CBD skincare line includes a body balm, pain cream, body butter, and massage oil. CBD is known for reducing inflammation and relaxing the central nervous system, which reduces anxiety. Paired with all-natural, healing ingredients, this is the perfect gift to help mom reverse some of the worry-induced wrinkles you gave her. 


4) Abbie and Harry - Fabulous jewelry for fabulous moms. 

lightning shaped earings with gold glitter

One of many incredible small artists on Etsy, and one of our favorites. Featuring unique, handmade jewelry in a variety of colors and prints. Mom can't go out to a party right now, but she can certainly start a party at home with these babies! 


5) Local studio membership - Exercising has never been so easy! 

woman lifting a dumbbell and a spray bottle of cleaning solution

Many local exercise studios and gyms have had to close due to coronavirus, and will struggle to stay in business if they don't have some form of income. If your mom has a favorite studio, we highly recommend buying her a "class pack" or subscription for when they open again. Some of them have gone online at a reduced price, so she might even be able to use the classes right away! 


6) Resonate Resin Art - For the mom who deserves a vacation every day! 

creative wave design on a chopping board

This art is absolutely incredible and very practical. Chopping boards, wall art, tumblers, jewelry, and more - all decorated to look like the ocean. 


7) Plant Aid - Give your mom the green thumb she always claimed to have! 

green spray bottle and yellow flowers

Plant Aid is basically like an immune boost for your plants - it's all-natural and non-toxic so it's safe to use on mom's plants whether they're outside or inside. 


8) The Roastery - Give your mama the best beans to buzz about. 

woman sipping coffee from a white mug with wooden background

A beloved fair trade coffee roaster in the Colorado rockies - they're committed to the planet, committed to supporting their community, and to roasting the best coffee you can find. 


9) Withco Cocktails - You can take the mom out of the party, but you can't take the party out of the mom. 

with co bottle of with pink background and branches

Handcrafted, fresh cocktail mixers for the perfect drink. If you're lucky enough to be with your mom for mother's day, enjoy a toast - or order yourself a bottle and do a virtual cocktail hour together! The cocktail is ready to go, just add the booze (or not) and enjoy. 


10) Female Run Businesses - Because mamas know best. 

blonde woman sitting on a black couch

Whichever small business(es) you decide to support in honor of mother's day and small business week, be proud of yourself. Mom will be proud too.